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Web hosting blogs to follow


Hosting facts has listed the best web hosting services providers in the United States and beyond. The blog is updated monthly thus maintaining relevance and the needs of current customers. What is more important than reading or updated watching a video review about web hosting service providers?

The blog takes note of features such as speed, uptime, and customer reviews gathered from review websites.  We cannot forget to mention the cost. Everyone has a tickle when it comes to pricing and value of hosting.

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You can visit here Hosting Advice You Can Trust

Website dot com is also a great place to find the best web hosting services. The blog cover topics including but not limited to web hosting, types of web hosting services, ASP web hosting, Domain Name Server (DNS), types of servers (e.g., Linux), features of hosting plans, hosting your website on a personal website, and types of hosting (shared and dedicated).

Regardless of the website having many topics, they focus on the you-the customer. You will learn how to create a website. Where can you learn how to grow your business if not Learn how to optimize your website using SEO and sell using e-commerce services.

You can visit here

When it comes to relying on real people review, then is the place to go. The website works in a similar way where the information presented is not hypothetical or simulated. It sucks reading chunks of “poor reviews” that give a feel of some robotic mind behind the text.

Hosing review is dedicated to giving you the innermost information that you cannot find anywhere. The veterans are full-time internet users willing to spend bucks and buy services before writing a review.

Similar to professionals Centre, hosting review does not view hosting review as a business but a way to help you make informed decisions.

You can visit hosting review here

Hosting advice is similar to hosting review. The difference might be its blazing website- it is cool.  I might be faking it; but this is what people like you and me are saying, “Host advice is ranked among best web hosting services for according to 33,572 real users.

The data is based on 4,160 hosting companies. The fact is host advice follows the same ideology, [provide straightforward information, No BS].

You can visit hosting advice here.

Professionals Centre is a newly established website working on getting in the game. The threat is that establishing dominance and establishing a client takes time. Back to the topic, professionals Centre focus on single web hosting services that are tested for one to 2 months.

Each web hosting must take at least two months before the team can sit and draft a review. Other sources like host review forums, and blogs like the ones in the list provider insights to professionals Centre.

Besides, like any hosting blogs, the site does spend its money to get the right information. Professionals Centre is being updated, and the information on the site would increase in the next few months.

When it is about unbiased web hosting reviews, this blog has it all. The author (Nuff) claims to review websites, not because of their commission payouts but the quality of service.

This makes it part of awesome website hosting blogs you need to subscribe, follow, and share with friends.  Like many hosting review websites, review hell focus on crap free honest reviews. While many hosting review sites might focus on professionals hosting services, review hell does care for beginners (newbies).

It is a matter that demands great care, guiding a new user through a process is kind of like teaching a baby; you have to take it slow. Use the right vocabulary, because it is not about teaching new vocabularies, but education.

You can visit review hell here

This blog is more like other hosting review websites. From its captivating user interface to valuable content-you cannot miss visiting their honest reviews.  Makewebsitehub has the latest comparisons, pricing, and individual reviews all in one place.

The blog is more than a single-handed blog; instead, the team ensures quality content is constantly flowing on a weekly bases. You can also learn how to design a website from scratch. Their resources (free) are a valuable section you must visit.

You can visit make website hub here

Web hosting rating, like other blogs, focus on honest, unbiased, and customer focused reviews. As mentioned above, the business is as usual. Buy hosting space, use the hosting services, and find benefits and flaws. Write a review of the hosting website and post. Helping people, help the website monetize using the recommendations.

Overall thought about the 7 best website hosting blogs you should follow.

Samuel Githinji

Honesty, unbiased reviews, and legitimate hosting reviews have kept the websites above running for years, some for months. If you have complete knowledge about your hosting company, web hosting works like a charm.

The blogs listed above have a similar way of making money. When you buy using their special links, they are given a small commission. However, you do not need to bother because the price is not added to your purchase. For example, if you are buying a premium hosting for $90, I will get a small commission, but you will pay the $90 — no extra fees.

The hosting company provides the commission as a reward for loyal members recommending their services to friends.  Now you know how we work.

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