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Dogs that will protect you at home and your family at home


Great Dane

He is not much of a guard dog but his presence is enough to send an intruder running for the hills. Let me explain, the dog looks like a gentle giant yet a fierce giant. The dog loves to lounge around the house. Great Dane personality though makes him less of a guard dog.

Staffordshire Terrier

The dog is super aggressive when protecting family members. Let me explain, the dog was bred for bull and bear fighting. And, this alone makes them a tough opposition for intruders. Many people will confuse this dog breed with the American Pit Bull Terrier. The dog’s protective nature makes it an excellent guard dog. You do need to train them from an early stage. Teach them how to socialize with family and be violent to criminals. Staffordshire Terriers make great household pets, aggressive when protecting a family member.


Do you want a dog that can do a little detective work? The Akita is the right dog. The dog breed is created with great protective instincts that detect the presence of an intruder. Unlike common dogs, the Akita will investigate in silence. When it barks, then it is time to get the big guns because something is wrong.

Akita being trained

German shepherd

We can all agree with the German Shepherd dog breed is fearless. Popular for their ease to train and intelligence, the German shepherd is police favorites. They will quickly and violently react to anyone messing around with their family. The German shepherd cool demeanor makes them perfect for the household.


Warning! DO NOT MESS WITH THESE GUYS! The Kuvasz breed is extremely territorial and will do everything in their power to guard the family. The dogs crave for attention from the family and will be ruthless with strangers. Also, Kuvasz needs to be trained at an early age. I would say, let these boys guard your family.

Giant Schnauzer

When it comes to taking control, the Giant Schnauzer knows how to lead. They absolutely need to know who is in charge or they will take over. The dog breed deserves great training from the start. Giant Schnauzers are powerful, compact, and intimidating. Want a loyal dog, these guys are the real deal.


They stand out for their physical strength, protection instincts, courageousness, and extreme family loyalty. Often time they’ll knock the intruder right over. They happen to make great household pets and are known for their loyalty. Their size is intimating. They’re also quite docile! If you happen to have an intruder around you’ll want this dog around.

Qualities of a great guard dog

Intelligence – Good guard dogs must be obedient and respond to at least the most basic of commands, such as sit, lay down, stay, and heel. Additionally, canine intelligence helps your dog distinguish between threatening and merely unusual stimuli.

Loyalty – To ensure that your guard dog won’t turn into a welcome committee, you’ll need him to be exceptionally loyal. His allegiance to your family must be clear.

Courage – Your dog must be brave enough to face any danger that presents itself. Consider that your garden variety criminal is probably about twice the size of even a 100-pound Doberman or shepherd – only a brave dog will be willing to stand up to such threats.

Territorial Instincts – Dogs that strongly identify with their home and are willing to guard it against intruders are better suited for guard work than those who do not mind trespassers.

Affectionate Nature – All good guard dogs are fearless in the face of danger, but the best guard dogs melt into a wiggly pile of face-licking love when they are with their humans or trusted friends. You want a dog that loves when it is time to love and protects when it’s time to protect.

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